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Saturday, March 13, 2010

fashion jeans

See in your cupboard or your collection cloths, that's impossible if one of you never have a pair of jeans. Do you know jeans was introduced since tens years ago. It was started as a trouser for inferior workers do the heavy works. And now jeans was controlling in teenagers fashion in the world. Jeans was introduced by Levi Straususs in 1850. Cooperation between Levis and Jacob brought Levis as a greatest jeans manufacturer in the world until now. Do you know that a jeans sold in $1.50 at beginning.

Jeans 80's
jeans not only most enthusiasm fashion but the jeans creator was created variety of designs with interesting colors. in that time, color of 'vibrant' is favourite choice.
One of the hottest and thankfully short lived trends in this decade of fashion oddities was wearing acid washed jeans. The acid washed jeans trend didn’t become popular until the mid to late eighties and faded four to five years later. This trend seemed to go hand in hand with the big hair phenomenon of the late 80s. Gloria Vanderbilt, Calvin Klein and Armani are the favorite jeans creator in people choice.

Jeans nowadays
Jeans is not only have cottons but now was adding by Lycra material. Jeans nowadays have different between guys and girls through zips. Zips for girls jeans is more short compare to the guys. The price is more depend to its brands compare to its quality.
Nowadays jeans are not only as fashion but the people more feel comfortable to choose the brand jeans to show their status.

i took from 'remaja' magazine and

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